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Monday February 1, 2010

Yoga for Eye Care, a 7-step Program

A few years ago, I attended a workshop on "yoga and eye care" taught by one Dr. Khare who was visiting from India. The workshop presented a pretty comprehensive set of practices for improving/stabilizing vision. Part of the information was based on the book, "Better Eyesight without Glasses" by William Bates. This book came out in the forties and has been a standard resource for eye care ever since. Recently I found this website which also provides similar information in a detailed manner - "The Complete book of Eye Care" - by Dr. M. S. Agarwal. I am presenting below the "7-step Program" in a condensed version of these practices.

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Can Yoga Help with Scoliosis?

Read this interesting story of Kim Wagaman, a yoga teacher in CA who grew up with severe scoliosis. She is now a 500-hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher helping people with scoliosis through yoga practice.

I also found this highly informative article on "Yoga for Scoliosis" on the "Yoga Journal" website. This article provides very useful information on what scoliosis is, and how yoga helps one cope with this situation.

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Living in the Present Moment

Zen student: "So, master, is the soul immortal or not? Do we survive our bodily death or do we get annihilated? Do we really reincarnate? Does our soul split up into component parts which get recycled, or do we as a single unit enter the body of a biological organism? And do we retain our memories or not? Or is the doctrine of reincarnation false? Is perhaps the Christian notion of survival more correct? And if so, do we get bodily resurrected, or does our soul enter a purely Platonic spiritual realm?"
Master: "Your breakfast is getting cold."

Message: Live in the now and present!

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