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Newsletter July, 2010

Yoga Sutra - Definition of Yoga

In the classical text called the Yoga Sutras, the author, Patanjali, has provided the complete philosophy and methodology for the practice of yoga. In the first four sutras of chapter 1, Patanjali has given us a very clear and concise definition of yoga which serves as the foundation for the rest of his exposition on yoga. In this article, I will be discussing these four sutras in some detail.

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Virus Attack on Websites

virus alert

Recently, all the websites that I manage were a target of a virus attack. I first found out about it through an email from a friend who tried to reach my main blog and got a virus warning. I then decided to check all my websites and found that four out of the eight websites that I maintain were infected. Since I transfer files back and forth between my PC and the web server, I subsequently found that my own PC was also infected.

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21-Day Yoga Challenge

The second 21-day yoga challenge program concluded successfully on Saturday, June 26. It is quite remarkable that all the 15 participants kept their commitment to come in every morning at 6 AM for the entire 21 days. A few students who missed a day or two had to do that due to circumstances beyond their control – a sudden emergency at work/home, health problems etc.

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Recent Yoga Research News

Please visit these sites to see results of recent research related to yoga and how yoga can provide benefits in different situations:

Chanting can lower blood pressure

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Have a question?

If you have a yoga-related question, please write to me and I would do my best to provide an answer in a timely manner.

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