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May, 2010

21-Day Yoga Challenge

We successfully completed the 21-day yoga program on Sunday, April 25. It was a wonderful experience for the students as well as for me as the instructor. We had a total of 14 participants. On the average 12 people attended each day with one or two having to miss due to genuine reasons. It was truly heart-warming to see the commitment of everyone to stay with the program even when there were obstacles presented by the daily rigors of life.

Given the immense success of this "pilot" 21-day yoga challenge program, I have decided to conduct another one in June. I sent the announcement out a few days ago and am pleased to announce that it is almost fully subscribed already. I am grateful to all the participants for their commitment and support. If there is continued interest, I will be holding more similar programs in the future.

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Meditation - a Simple Technique

For meditation, a sound vibration called 'mantra' is traditionaly used as the object of meditation. Usually a mantra is given by a guru (teacher) to a disciple after the student has spent some time together with the teacher. The guru can then give a mantra that matches the aptitude and the energy pattern of the student. For your meditation, you can pick any sound as your mantra - a word or even a short phrase that you associate with peace, tranquility or any positive quality that you cherish. Once you pick a mantra you must stay with the same mantra for your meditation every day.

In the meditation technique given below, we will use awareness of the body, breath and mind to help the mind stay focused on the object of meditation. So, here is the technique -

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7-day Pranayama/Meditation Session

In an effort to encourage the students to include pranayama and meditation as part of their daily yoga routine, I will be offering a 7-day session as follows:

When: May 23-29, 2010

Time: 6:15 - 7:30 AM

Location: my home-based yoga studio

Schedule: light stretching and Sun Salutation (15 minutes), Pranayama (25 min), Relaxation (5 min), Yoga philosophy (10 min), meditation (20 min).

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to attend.

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Work Study Opportunity

I am looking for a dedicated, committed individual who can help me promote the yoga classes that I teach in exchange for free yoga lessons. Please contact me if you are interested.

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Inspiring Yoga Stories

Man Sheds 365 Pounds Through Yoga (VIDEO)

91-year-old yoga instructor hard at work

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Do you enjoy Indian food?


My wife, Manju, now offers a takeout service for delicious, home-cooked Indian meals. Check out her website for details. Bon appetit!

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Have a question?

If you have a yoga-related question, please write to me and I would try to provide the answer within 24 hours.

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