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10-day Yoga Intensive – July 2010

The second 10-day intensive on Pranayama and Meditation will start tomorrow. Based on the very positive and encouraging feedback that I received after the first session held in May, I have decided to hold these sessions on a periodic basis. More detailed information about these programs is available here.

When I first launched the program, I was very skeptical about how many people might sign up. I wasn’t sure if people would make the commitment to wake up that early (6 AM start) to come for the sessions on a daily basis for 10 days in a row. Moreover, my feeling was that most yoga practitioners are interested primarily in physical yoga (asana-based) and have very little, if any, interest in pranayama and meditation. I was pleasantly surprised when within less than a week of the original announcement, I had fifteen people signed up. At the end of the program, everyone provided their feedback about their experience of the program. There was unanimous agreement that the program was very informative and beneficial. They really enjoyed the fact that they could practice daily for 10 days at a stretch. Moreover, with the sessions finishing at 7:30 AM, that still gave them enough time to get to work on time.

For the program starting tomorrow, I already have 15 people signed up and there are four on the waiting list. Once again I am truly grateful to the participants for making the time and commitment for the next ten days. I am sure that we will have an exciting journey together. 

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