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Let’s Connect over Social Media

Social media and social networking have become a powerful means for connecting and interacting with each other. I have so far paid scant attention to this powerful medium. However, in recent months many of my students have suggested that I become more involved with social networks like Facebook and Linkedin. This will help me establish stronger connection with my yoga students as well as other yoga friends. It will also provide a platform for discussion among the members who join my networks.

In an effort to connect and interact with my yoga students, colleagues and readers of my website, yoga blog and newsletters, I am planning to get more involved in social media networks. I encourage you to connect with me over the following networks where I currently have accounts:

In particular, I strongly urge you to join the discussion group on facebook. Once you join the group you can use this platform to do the following (and, of course, much more):

  • Start a new discussion
  • Participate in on-going discussion
  • Ask a question
  • Provide answer to questions posted by others
  • Post interesting pictures/videos
  • Share interesting information that you might find on the web related to yoga. For example you may come across some interesting research report discussing some specific benefit of yoga practice. Or you might come across a youtube video or any such information which you think will be helpful for others.
  • Here is another example of a topic that you might initiate for discussion. Let us say you have been trying to set up your own personal yoga routine for some time now. However, due to lack of proper motivation you are unable to sustain the practice. You might want to start a new discussion by posing the question, "Could you suggest means to stay motivated in maintaining a personal yoga practice at home?". Through interaction with others you are likely to get suggestions which will suit your needs to stay motivated.

Once again, I encourage you to connect with me over these social networks. Obviously, the strength of any network depends upon the number of friends and members one has on the network. Once you join, you can encourage others to join as well. That way the network can grow and more meaningful exchange of information can take place.

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