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Four functions of the Mind


What is Yoga? Patanjali, in the yoga sutras, defines yoga as "yogash-chitta vritti nirodhah" which can be translated as "yoga is the ability to control the constant fluctuations that are going on in the mind".  To learn how to control the mind, we need to first understand how the mind functions. What are the different functions of the mind, how do they interact and how decisions are made? What causes us to make the wrong choices? What causes these constant fluctuations? To understand these and other related concepts, listen to this audio recording from one of the recent classes in the 21-day yoga program.

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6 comments to Four functions of the Mind

  • Deepika Balakrishna

    Dear Mr. Subhash,
    I listened to your recording on how the 4 parts of mind interact, how ego controls us, why intellect should take over, if run by ego life could be miserable…
    Does Patanjali also go over steps/techniques that enables us to achieve this. If so, I would be really interested in knowing and start following/using them in my day to day life.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Deepika, it is wonderful that you were able to listen to the audio on the four functions of the mind. And, of course, Patanjali gives us the “formula” on how to diminish the influence of the ego. And, that formula is the practice of the “eight limbs of yoga” – yama, niyamas, asana etc. The ethical and moral values given in the five yamas and the five niyamas need to be followed in daily life so that the mind becomes calm and free of negative tendencies. Through the practice of meditation, one begins to weaken the hold of the ego so that the pure intellect begins to have a positive influence on us.
      Please contact me over the phone if you would like to discuss further.

  • g .sivanand

    Sir I am sivanand regularly am practice yoga asanas nearly half an hour from last six months I feel very comfort and happy. My age 38years and l hqve bald head some of my suggested to do balayam pranayam twice a day with empty stomach I did so for last two months but recently I getting head ache is there any side effect to do balayam please give me suggestions

  • Sharda

    Hi Subash ,

    For some reason i dont see any option to hear the audio clip? Has it been taken down ?

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