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21-day Yoga Challenge – June 2010

As many of you are aware, the next 21-day yoga challenge program will begin on June 6. Based on the very positive and encouraging response from those who participated in the 21-day program n April, I plan to hold similar programs approximately every two months in the near future. At the present time, all fifteen spots for the June program have been filled. However, if you would like to join one of the future programs, or would like more information, please contact me.

It is really heartening to see that the participants are making such a deep commitment to attend the yoga class for 21 days at a stretch. Many of the participants have told me that to wake up that early to start the class at 6 AM is in itself a big challenge for them. In addition to attending for these 21 days, I am also recommending that they continue to practice on their own for 21 additional days after this session is over. According to many experts, it takes 21 days of regular practice to start realizing the benefits of any new change in your life and further 21 days to finally convert the practice into a habit. Once it becomes a habit, it is easy to see how this can become a lifestyle instead of an effort or a chore. To see some of the anticipated benefits, please visit my original blog post on the first 21-day program here.

I would truly welcome your feedback and comments. The program participants may like to use the comments section below to discuss any questions, thoughts or experiences that they have before, during or after the session.

6 comments to 21-day Yoga Challenge – June 2010

  • Joyce Bowden

    Hi Subhash, I was looking for your original post regarding the 21 day challenge and need assistance finding that page. Thanks!

    • subhash

      Sorry, I could not read your comment earlier due to the virus on my blog. Actually, due to the virus and in my efforts to rebuild the site, some of the links have been broken. Here is the current link to the original post – I will be going through each link slowly and try to fix those that seem to be broken.

  • Kavitha Chemparathy

    I am really excited to take up this challenge. See you all Sunday.
    If I decided to try a sattvic diet, should I avoid onion, garlic and chillies?.

    • subhash

      Dear Kavitha,
      I am able to pick up your comment only today after my site is healthy (free of virus). I am really glad to have you in the class. I sincerely hope that at the end of the session, your back will begin to feel stronger and better.

      Oninons and garlic are a matter of personal choice. Even though in the Indian tradition they are considered “rajasic”, because of some of the medical benefits mentioned for them, I suggest you can make your own choice.

  • Joyce Bowden

    I really like the sequence and pace and feel that it is a very good group of souls in the class. Thank you for sharing this knowledge that we can all use in our lives!

  • subhash

    Dear Joyce, I did look at the comments yesterday. These comments need to be approved only once for those who post a comment. In future your comments will go through right away. I appreciate your feedback after the class this morning. Please do let me know if you would like me to focus on a specific aspect of our practice on a given day. See you tomorrow.