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Trataka (Candle Gazing) Cleansing Technique


Trataka (त्राटक) is one of the six cleansing techniques mentioned in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the classical text on the practices of Hatha Yoga. The six techniques are: Neti (nasal cleansing), Basti (yogic enema), Dhauti (digestive tract and intestinal cleansing), Kapalabhati (breathing technique involving forced, short bursts of exhalation), Nauli (abdominal churning) and Trataka (eye cleansing and concentration).

Trataka defined

In an effort to find the origin or the derivation of the word ‘trataka’ I tried looking it up in the dictionary. Surprisingly, however, when I checked Apte’s dictionary I couldn’t find the word there. In Monier-Williams also it just states that it is a yoga technique for cleansing the eyes – nothing about its meaning or how the word is derived. In his commentary on the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Swami Muktibodhananda simply states that Trataka means to gaze steadily at an object.

In shloka 2.31 of Hatha Yoga Pradipika Trataka is defined as "looking intently with an unwavering gaze at a small point until the eyes begin to tear, is called Trataka by the great teachers".

Trataka can be either internal or external; that is the object that is gazed upon can be an internal object (for example the third eye) or an external one (for example the flame of a candle). In general, however, the most commonly practiced form of Trataka involves gazing at a candle flame. That is the technique that I will be describing in this article.

Trataka technique

  • Light a candle and place it on a small table around 3 to 4 feet in front of you.
  • Sit in a comfortable posture with the spine upright and the arms and shoulders relaxed. You can assume any meditative posture which you can maintain without any movement for the duration of the Trataka practice.
  • Make sure that the flame is at the level of your eyes. Also, make sure that you are facing the candle directly without having to turn the neck even slightly.
  • It is important that the flame remains steady during the concentration routine. So, make sure that there no breeze around of any kind to disturb the flame. If needed, turn off any fans or air conditioner in the room.
  • Take a few deep breaths to relax. Close the eyes and watch your breath as you inhale and exhale for about five to seven breaths. This will allow the breath to settle down and bring you into the present moment.
  • Now, gaze at the flame intently and keep your gaze on it without getting distracted towards outer disturbances and thoughts.
  • Keep your vision focused and steady on the flame without blinking, for as long as it is comfortable to you. Try to avoid any kind of body movement during the entire practice.
  • Keep your gaze anchored on some part of the flame, rather than the candle or wick. If thoughts come up in the mind, just become aware of them and then ignore them. Try to maintain your awareness and focus on the flame. 
  • Continue to gaze at the flame until you cannot keep your eyes open and tears start flowing. Once this happens, close your eyes.
  • When you close the eyes, you may be able to visualize an after-image of the flame with closed eyes. Try to bring this image at the point between the eyebrows at the center of the forehead (the third eye location).
  • The depth and level of your concentration will determine how clear the after-image is. If you cannot visualize the after-image of the flame with closed eyes, or it wavers constantly or looses clarity, then re-apply your concentration to restore the position of the after-image.
  • When the image begins to fade out completely, bring your awareness back to your breathing and begin to watch the flow of breath at the tip of the nose for about 7 to 8 breaths.
  • You can open your eyes at this point and repeat the full gazing routine as given above one more time.

In the beginning you may feel that the eyes begin to water after only a few minutes. However, with practice, your eyes will be able to continue the gaze for longer periods and you can practice Trataka for up to twenty minutes or so.

Benefits of Trataka

Shloka 2.32 of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika states "Trataka eradicates all eye diseases, fatigue and sloth and closes the doorway to these problems". Some of the benefits associated with Trataka are:

  • Improves eyesight and vision.
  • Improves concentration, intelligence and memory.
  • Excellent method as preparation for mantra meditation.
  • Enhances self-confidence, patience and willpower.
  • Develops greater work efficiency and productivity.
  • Calms the mind and provides inner peace and silence.
  • Brings greater clarity in mind and improves decision-making ability.
  • Helps to overcome mental, behavioral and emotional ailments.
  • Provides stress relief and deep relaxation.
  • Deepens the sleep and cures sleep related disorders such as headache, insomnia, nightmares, etc.
  • According to Gherand Samhita (shloka 5.54), Trataka promotes clairvoyance or perception of subtle manifestations.

Tips for Trataka Concentration

  • Trataka is best practiced on an empty stomach during early-morning hours or late evening hours just before going to bed. If you practice it during the daytime, make sure that the room is dark so that focusing on the flame is easier.
  • Try getting a decent sized flame by adjusting the size of the wick. It will help in achieving a better after-image of the flame and it will be easier to visualize it with improved concentration.
  • Do not strain your eyes while gazing on the flame. The eyes adjust naturally in due course of time and it becomes easier to concentrate and gaze on the flame for longer periods of time.
  • As I mentioned earlier, because Trataka develops deep focus and concentration, it is used as a very effective pre-meditation stage. At the end of the Trataka routine, you may continue with your own mantra meditation.

102 comments to Trataka (Candle Gazing) Cleansing Technique

  • chandni

    Namaste Subash,

    Thank you for upholding the Dharma.



  • Namaste!
    I have one question about the ajna chakra position. Here in the articale you say the third eye is ubicated in the center of the forehead and sometimes I’ve heard it is between the eyebrows (so it would be in a lower position). Could you explain me how locate it exactly. Thank you very much in advance. I’m new to your site but I have found it very useful as I’ve seen.

    • admin

      Dear Jose,
      Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting it. You are right about the location of the ajna chakra position. Traditionally it is represented as being between the two eyebrows. In my post also I’ve mentioned, ” point between the eyebrows at the center of the forehead (the third eye location)”. I now realize that the words “center of forehead” are redundant and need not have been added.
      Please browse around the blog and provide any feedback that you might have. Thanks and all the best,

  • […] class at the beginning of our training. We created a posture workshop was introduced to Trataka (candle gazing) which I really enjoyed and made meditation a lot easier. I suggest giving it a go if you have […]

  • Vance Boker

    Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) damages, then destroys, central vision, your “straight-ahead,” finely detailed vision. This eye disease takes two forms, dry and wet. About 90% of AMD cases are dry. The remaining 10% are wet, a more advanced form. Wet AMD is more damaging, causing about 90% of serious vision loss.-

    Take a look at our very own internet site too

  • kamran

    hi,your article is very useful. i also want to know that after how many days or weak,i shall observe myself successful in this exercise? or how much time is minimum required for the success?thanks

    • Dear Kamran,
      There is no question of success or failure while practicing these techniques. They are supposed to give us better health and are to be practiced on an on-going basis. Ideally you want to make them a life-long habit and hopefully keep getting the benefits.

  • Frances

    Hi there, Thank you so much for this. I find that I cannot hold my focus for more than 2 seconds before I blink, which doesn’t give me enough time to concentrate on picking up the flame image. Therefore I let myself blink a few times before finally being able to hold my gaze for a bit longer and then about 10 seconds I blink.

    Still doing this technique, am I OK to hold my focus on the flame for 5 – 10 minutes without worrying if I blink or not before then closing my eyes and focussing on the image of the flame?

    Thank you :)

    • Dear Frances,
      I am so glad that you find my website helpful. Thank you so much for your feedback and query.
      Even though we set the intention not to blink during the Trataka practice, it is perfectly OK to blink if it happens naturally. In my own practice, I find myself blinking occasionally in the first couple of minutes. After that the eyes begin to settle down and the gap between blinks goes on increasing.

  • BSC Aditya Singh Dinkar

    Hi Subhash. I am an engineer, working in Kerala. I’m preparing for IES. I have started this technique just one week back. I want to ask some questions regarding this which are following: –
    1) I have fixed 10-15 mins daily for this. Suppose that if tear will not come in these 10-15 mins, then, I have to continue or I can stop also at this point of time?
    2) If the distance between eye and flame is 1.5-2 feet, then it is ok or I should increase it for better concentration?
    3) Daily I am not doing it using candle flame. Only on sunday or holiday with this candle flame, rest of the days I’m doing with black dot on a white paper pasted on a wall. So, will it be useful or all the days I have to do it with candle flame?
    4) Can I do it while sitting on a chair or I have to cross my leg for better concentration?
    5) I am poor in concentration and focus. I’m practising Pranayam for last 2-3 years. Now, my concentration is improved as compared to previous. But, it is not upto the required level. Can you suggest me some other methods for increasing concentration?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Hello Aditya,
      i am so glad to see that you have developed a regular practice of trataka. Here are the answers, to the best of my knowledge:

        10-15 min is a good duration for the practice. The guideline is that if and when the eyes begin to water, you should stop and close eyes. However, it is not necessary to wait until the eyes begin to water.
        The comfortable distance is about 3 feet.
        Any object of focus is OK for this practice. In my own experience, I find a candle to be the most effective in building deeper focus.
        Sitting in a chair is perfectly OK for the practice.
        I think you are on the right track for improving concentration. Wishing you all the best.
  • Prashant

    Helo Sir.
    My name is prashant .am preaparing for pcs exams.i find problem memory and recalling facts.tried many things bt nt benificial.
    Need ur suggestion and guidence.
    Pls tell in detail abt nasal gaze and its benifit.

    • Dear Prashant,
      Nasal gaze is a meditation technique wherein you are supposed to gaze at the tip of the nose while the eyes are still closed. This is supposed to develop deep level of concentration and you are more likely to stay focused on your mantra while meditating.
      I wish you all the best in your exam.

  • Sade


    Thanks for useful info here. I am confused about the safety of Trataka. Some websites say it’s safe, others warn it’s dangerous without explaining why. I’m in London so I don’t know where to go for training for this type of meditation.

    I have started practicing around 10-15 minutes a day. I do notice that one eye is sometimes bloodshot after. Is it straining my eyes to produce tears perhaps? I do have dry eyes at the moment. I started doing this meditation to improve my poor vision, I’m short sighted.

    Many thanks .

    • Dear Sade,
      I don’t believe Trataka practice is dangerous as long as you make sure that you don’t strain your eyes during practice. If the eyes begin to water at any time, you should close and relax the eyes. As per some of the literature that I have read, Trataka can actually help in cleansing the eyes and possibly stabilize your vision. One recommendation that I have read for dry eyes is to wash the eyes in cold Triphala water. See if that helps.
      All the best,

      • Sade

        Thanks for the reply. Yes I’ve read about the powder.As its one of our most valuable senses we’re talking about here, Im naturally cautious about what goes in them and how to best care for them. Will research more and see where it takes me. Thank you!

        • hello sade. I was just surfing on internet then I found your comment here. well as you said you have eye diseases like short vision. so I recommend you to stop this meditation. its won’t benefit you but it could harm. this article writer don’t write about safety on tratak. it is my advice to you good luck

          • Dear Mukul,
            Thank you for your kind feedback. I have been following the writings on Trataka from the books by Bihar School of Yoga. In those write ups I haven’t seen anything related to not practicing trataka when one has shortness of vision. Here is a quote from their book, “All people with nervous tension, insomnia, etc. are recommended to do trataka on a regular basis. Also those people with weak eyesight and weak eye muscles will gain much benefit from trataka.”
            I would truly appreciate it if you could provide me some reference to a research material or a text where the caution that you have mentioned is mentioned. Thanks again.

  • Prashant

    helo sir.
    Thanks for ur reply.
    Want to know that whether eyes should be open or closed during nasal gaze.pls confirm time for doing it.

    • Dear Prashant,
      I have read in some places that you can keep the eyes half closed. In my own practice, I prefer to keep the eyes closed but keep the inner focus on the tip of the nose.

  • Prashant

    thanks for ur reply.
    How we wil know that v r doing it correctly.
    When v will feel benifit from it.
    Pls explain in berife.
    Duration of doing it.

  • Dear Prashant,
    The key is not to feel any strain in your practice. How soon you will feel the benefit will depend upon the individual – it is not possible to give any time assessment.

  • kaustubh

    I am practicing tratak ,i try to keep it regular but because of some reason there is interruption, i want to know that if i want to develop powers then can i have break of one or 2 days or its no break at all

  • kaustubh

    How much does it take to develop powers?? and what are stages ?? I am performing tratak but i don’t know how will i understand that i am improving??

  • varun

    sir i m practising trataka since a month.i practice it upto 10 mins still my eyes doesnt get it safe to continue the practice or should i stop after 10 mins.i dont blink while performing tratak. i want to know can i blink my eyes in between??

    • Hi Varun,
      I am glad that you are practicing Trataka on a regular basis. It is definitely safe to continue the practice even though your eyes don’t water. Blinking is something that happens naturally. Having set the intention to maintain the gaze without blinking, let your natural instinct ride. That means do not force yourself not to blink. If the eyes happen to blink naturally, it is OK.

  • Monie

    I have extreme dry eyes. Is it good for me to practice trataka? Would it harm my eyes even more?

  • Arsh Khan

    Dear subhash ji
    Sir I m very happy to find ur site its very useful..Sir I m practicing of traatak on shakti chakra (hypnotic spiral)minimum 30-40 minute inevening time 7-8pm.for produces special megnatic power of hypnosis.Sir I m practicing daily for learn hypnotysm.I m feeling very special and diffrent type of energy whole question is that can I do candle gazing practice in mid night after 12-1am during keep contenue traatak on shakti chakra.sir plz suggest me both diffrent type of practice is safe same time?

    • Dear Arsh, your question relating to the practice of trataka for hypnotism or at midnight are beyond my level of expertise. Normally I practice trataka for about fifteen minutes in the morning, just before my meditation.

  • Abhinav

    Respected Sir

    I cant able to visualize flame inside my mind even after watching candle for 10 minutes?Tell me how to visualize candle flame in mind?

    • Dear Abhinav, I have heard a similar comment from some of my own students. I don’t think you need to be concerned if you don’t see the after image of the flame in the mind. Try not to strain in an effort to see the image. Some day you might just see it and from then on, it will become natural to see it every time. One experiment that you might want to try is to gaze at the rising sun, as it is coming out of the horizon, for about five minutes. When you close the eyes, you are much more likely to see the after glow of the sun in your mind. If you can see the image of sun in your mind, it will give you a better feel of how to see the image of the flame when you do trataka.

  • Abhinav

    Thankyou very much sir.To achieve flame in mind first we have to do tratka for long duration.Means 10 minutes in morning,ten minutes in day and ten minutes in evening.Sir please guide what is proper way to achieve flame inside properly.If we achieve that flame how to hold ot in one position

    • Hi Abhinav, I don’t believe there is a specific technique to see the after-image of the flame. That is something that may happen by itself. Not to worry if it doesn’t happen. Just enjoy the practice as best as you can.

  • Hemanth

    Dear Sir,
    One of my relative is suffering from blur vision in one of his eye and ophthalmologist has diagnosed the problem as – Macular Edema and suggested surgery for the problem.

    Age of the person – 60 Years and no history of diabetics.

    Can you please let us know whether the above eye problem / disease can be cured with help of Yoga ercises (Trataka) or Ayurvedic medicines and avoid surgery.


    • Dear Hemanth,
      Not being a medical doctor, I am not familiar with the eye condition mentioned by you. In general the practices of Trataka, eye-care exercises and other yoga practices should prove helpful overall. I am sorry I am unable to say whether or not the disease will be cured with yoga and/or Ayurveda.

  • mike

    Hi subhash, l’ve read that Tratak shouldn’t be practiced if we have any eye problems. ls this true, because it seems to contradict what your saying.
    l actually use a lamp myself [it’s like a minature sun] because it’s steady.
    l always thought the after-image is easy to see for everyone, but apparently not for some here, and because l’ll see it after even a few seconds [even with eyes open it floats around in front of me], but l’m wondering what is supposed to happen when we stare at the after-image – is it supposed to induce visions etc..
    Also, do you know if tratak can help with astral projection?
    Thanks for the information.

    • Hi Mike,
      If you have an eye problem then you may need to check with your medical doctor to confirm if it is OK to gaze at an object for a long time given the condition that you may have. In general, from what I know, Trataka is a safe practice. Also, the benefits of Trataka that I am aware of include cleansing the eyes, calming the mind and getting the mind ready for meditation. I am not familiar with effects related to visions or astral projections.

  • Raj

    Thankyou very much for sharing these valuable information about Tratak meditation.
    My question is,(1) For how long can I practice this meditation? I mean candle gazing and than doing inner tratak.How many rounds of this?

    2)Have you noticed/observed any change in your learning ability or if you may have heard someone confessing that they have got benefited in improving their learning capacity. Most of the websites on meditation keep on mentioning about swami vivekananda ji. which most of us know or have heard a lot about him and his powers. But is there anyone else who has achieved or are anywhere close to swami vivekananda ji. I mean someone from our century.

    • Hi Raj,
      I generally practice and teach two rounds of trataka practice. In the first round I hold the gaze for about 3-4 minutes, then go for the inner gaze. After watching the breath for a few moments, I start the second round. In this round, I hold the gaze for about 6-7 minutes. If you practice this technique as a meditation then you can go for much longer duration. In my case, I use it as preparation for my mantra meditation.
      The change in learning ability is the gradual result of any form of yoga practice which includes meditation. Normally our natural abilities are subdued due to an overactive ego which wants to focus on the past or the future. Practice of yoga helps diminish the influence of the ego and allows us to stay focused on the present moment. That sustained focus helps improve the learning ability.

  • Abhinav

    I am doing tratka 4:30 am in morning ,then in evening for 1 hr .Is it good to do tratka for long duration?But still cant find any result?

    • Hello Abhinav,
      Doing Trataka in the morning is a great idea. However, I am not sure how helpful it is to do it for one hour. In terms of results, I don’t think there is any way to measure or assess the benefits of these practices. These practices cause very subtle, almost unnoticeable changes in the mind and body. They have excellent long-term effects. I don’t think it is practical to expect results similar to what tylenol would do for a headache.

  • realy useful this info.but i have douth about candle placing over bench while straight my eye or placing over sliding down with no matter..or..its problem.?

  • arsh khan

    Sir ,
    Thanx for share here ur valubale information abt traatak.
    Sir I m share here my practical experiences nd feeling during traatak. maybe useful for starting few days of one week front of candale u will feel very bored practice….and starting of every one session may be tears come with ur eye.but after comes tears ur eye and ur vision will be much cleard just like crystal.slowly slowly week of second/week of three u will feel that time is easyly 30minute gone ur practice…u will feel that u passed ur 30 minute just u will realise that only 10 minut.time will be short which mean ur going to near your success.Second effect u will feel ur gazing power nd concentration power is being much better.and ur eye stop on every point .it means ur concentration is being more effectiv
    3.u wil notice end of last four week that ur body being very light u will notice specialy during time of driving.4.u will feel very sharpness and alartness in ur memory.
    in the practice of regular 60days amazing extra ordnary power in ur eye….in this stage confidance level much gretar..u will feel diffrant type of energy in ur self. (Its my persnal experiance person to person effect vary)

    • Thank you so much Arsh Khan, for sharing your personal experience with Trataka. This is very valuable for all the other readers who are just starting out with the practice. Even for the more seasoned practitioners who may want to try doing it on a daily basis this is very useful information.

  • Manish Kohli

    i am heart patient. had undergone angioplasty in 2012.and i use spects regularly,because my evesight is week.. now please tell me can i do this tratak meditation ?

    • Dear Manish, to the best of my knowledge, Trataka practice should in no way cause you any harm. on the other hand, it has a deep calming and nurturing effect which can only help you with your heart condition.

  • avinash dwivedi

    i want to know that anybody can develop physic power by candle flame meditation or other types of meditation please explain.

    • Hello Avinash, I am not sure if one can develop special powers through candle flame meditation. However, if you study the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, in chapter 3 he talks about all the “siddhis” (special powers) that one can attain with the regular practice of yoga. I encourage you to study the sutras and find out the answer for yourself.

  • avinash dwivedi

    thanks sir

  • anshul

    please help me out in beginning trataka

  • Monika

    Hello sir,

    First of all thanks for the great information u have shared with us. I am practicing tratak since a month but can’t able to gaze at the flame for more than a sec, actually i wear lenses as well as spectacles and my eyesight is very weak, my spectacle number is -4.5. On first few days i do tratak with lenses and can gaze around a min but wen i do it without lenses or spectacles i can not able to do it even for a sec.Please suggest whether i should do tratak with lenses or spectacles or without it.


    • Dear Monika,
      Ideally you should practice Trataka without lenses or glasses. When you say you are not able to hold the gaze for more than a second, can you let me know what exactly happens? If it becomes impossible without the lenses you may try the gaze with lenses but try to avoid glasses.

      • monika

        Hello sir,

        Thanks for the reply.The thing is whenever i try tratak without lenses,some kind of irritation started occurring in to my eyes and then I either get my eyes away from the flame or I just close my eyes after that it started watering.I also want to confirm one thing that I heard ,after tratak when u close ur eyes,one needs to start focusing the flame with close eyes,means u cn see the flame with closed eyes..i see it many times but only when i gaze with lenses and for more time. Plz suggest me the better way.


        • Hi Monika,
          I think you need to develop your practice gradually. Since you are able to gaze at the flame with your lenses on, I suggest that you do that for maybe a few weeks. Once your eyes get accustomed to the practice, then you can start attempting it without lenses.

  • Xium

    I perform trataka by removing my spectacles,
    after a min or two, the flame tries to become two flames instead of one. and only the tiny part of the middle of the flame remain shining and else view becomes blur.

    2ndly, its very much difficult to fix the eye ball on the same point. it continuously try to move here and there.


    • Hi Xium,
      Your experience with Trataka is not uncommon. Most people in the beginning have the same experience as yours. Just try to stay focused on some portion of the flame, as best as you can. Over a period of time, the stability of gaze will improve.

  • Somdayal Sajwan

    Hi Subhash

    I have been doing trataka for the last 3 to 4 months regularly and found it very beneficial. The specific areas where i improved are
    concentration, memory, will power.

    but some days I feels headache, i do not know it is because of trataka. My right eye vision is poor as compared to left. Please explain.

    • Hello Somdayal,
      the only thing that I can think of is that you may be straining too much during trataka. Sometimes when the gaze on the flame seems to wander around, you may want to let it happen. Throughout the practice, try to keep the eyes relaxed.
      It is heartening to see that you have been seeing very positive benefits of your practice. I am sure that with continued practice your benefits will go deeper.

  • Somdayal Sajwan

    Hi Subhash,

    Thank you for your reply. I am also doing conscious breathing regularly. Previously when i started it was quite irritating process, now with Trataka, there is no irritation at all.

    As per Lord Buddha “If a person does conscious breathing for 1 hour continuously, he got enlightenment.”

    Thanks and Regards,

  • tanuch

    Sir i am preparing for PMT but concentration is too low.can u pls tell me how tratak can help me in this.

  • David

    Hi Subhash,

    Thanks so much for your tutorial and this Q&A. I found it very useful and have been practicing Trataka since last week. I practice Trataka on a regular basis, 15 mins, everyday before I go to bed.

    I do have a question on the “mind image/after image” for the inner gaze. I am confused with the meaning of “mind/after” image, does it mean an exact same image(same color and details) in my mind or the “reverse color” image that we normally see ? What I meant by the “reverse color” is that when you look at a pure black background with a white dot in the middle, then you will see a picture with bright(white or golden color) background and a black dot in the middle when closing your eyes… so is this the “after image” people refer to?
    And if I can see this inner image, why is it so important to bring it to the position between two eyebrows?
    Also, would you suggest that if I practice Trataka on a full moon? I heard that it may give you amazing result..

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Dear David,
      It is nice to see that you have started the practice of Trataka on a regular basis. Your understanding of the “after-image” is quite accurate. Yes, it is almost like to reverse color image that you see. In fact, everyone may see this after image differently. The idea is to try to bring that image in the center and try to keep it steady while internally gazing at that image, until it finally disappears. It is not necessary to keep it between the two eyebrows, just try to keep it steady, wherever it seems to appear.
      Trataka can be done on any object. So, yes, you can do trataka on the full moon or the rising or setting sun. These are commonly practiced and recommended.
      All the best.

      • David

        Dear Subhash,

        Thank you so much to clarify the “after-image”, now I can have a better focus on the inner image. For the position of that image, I have no problem to shift it anywhere or to just keep it steady in the centre, so would you suggest that I keep the image in between two eyebrows for better result?


        • Hi David, in my own practice I don’t specifically make an effort to bring the after image between the eyes. I try to keep it steady in the center wherever it seems to appear. It is worth trying to keep it at the third eye location. Let me know how it goes. Thanks.

          • David

            Thanks Subhash,when I kept the image over to third eye location, I felt the muscle connected to my eye ball get tense(I guess because the action is like rolling my eyes back), but it is ok after a while, and I didn’t notice any main difference. …But one thing I do want to share with all Trataka practice beginner, “A real candle flame is MUCH MUCH BETTER than any candle flame meditation video!!!” Don’t even bother to try it on a candle flame video, the result is not comparable…even the after image is total different. I was lazy so I started the practice with a candle meditation video found on youtube, and now practicing with real candle flame … its like looking at a “mini sun”, feel so good.

          • Indeed, David, it is definitely recommended that you practice trataka with a real candle flame. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t even aware that one could do this online as I have always practiced and taught with a real candle flame.

  • Aditya

    Hello sir good evening
    I would like to know the difference in practicing tratak on candle and shakti chakra.
    Also if Practiced on shakti chakra, will it help in developing a better focus along with increase In mental development and intelligence.


    • Hello Aditya, since I have not practiced with the Shakti Chakra myself, I am not in a position to comment on its effectiveness. I have been practicing trataka mostly by gazing at the candle flame and also every now and then on the rising sun. I find them both very effective in bringing the mind to a meditative state. After trataka I go into my mantra meditation experience.
      I suggest you try trataka on both Shakti Chakra as well as a candle flame, alternating on different days, and see if you can find any difference. Personal experience, in my opinion, is the best guide.

      • Aditya

        Thank you for your guidance
        Sir it is said that practicing tratak allows you to access the subconscious mind. Is it true..??
        Actually I’m preparing for competitive exams and I have comparitively less time left. Will tratak allow me to grasp topics quickly as easily (considering the time gap of 6 months left).??
        I have been doing tratak on shakti chakra and one thing I have noticed is the increase in my confidence and also it allows me to read someone’s mind (I do end up getting vibes of the person)
        If you could guide me for educational purpose please..??
        Thank you

        • Hello Aditya,
          Since you are already experiencing benefits from the trataka practice you should just keep doing the practice. Focusing too much on the expected outcome can actually dilute the practice and limit its benefits. In this connection, it is best to remember the famous shloka from the Gita which says, “adhikaraste karmanyeva….” which loosely translates as, “do your duty and don’t worry about the results or the outcome – accept whatever comes graciously”. The practice of trataka may help you focus your mind on your studies better. However, the focus should be on the studies for the exam not on the benefits of the trataka practice.

  • Somdayal Sajwan

    Hi Subhash,

    Thank you very much for your very sincere guidance for the Trataka practitioners. These tips are very valuable for those people who do Trataka. I am regularly following your comments and getting lot of experience filled tips from you and Trataka students.

    Thanks and Regards

  • Pravas

    Hi Subhash Sir,
    I am practicing tratak since 3 days by gazing at a photo in iPhone. Is it ok?

    • Hello Pravas,
      I have never tried gazing at a photo on a phone as a medium for trataka so I can’t tell you how or if it will be effective. The most commonly used objects for trataka are the candle flame or the rising sun.

  • Pavithra Suresh

    Namaskar Subhashji… One early morning while studying i involuntarily dozed off for a moment and i felt a ticklish feel in my eyebrow middle. My mom told me that was nothing but my Ajna getting activated. A week before this experience I started meditating upon my Sahasrara but with very little and delayed cosmic energy reception. But even today whenever I listen to Lalitha sahasranamam intently, I feel that tickle happen without any effort on my part. Now that you know my position, plz tell me how to tap my Ajna and develop focus, attention and memory for my exams…

    • Dear Pavithra,
      Focus, concentration and sharp memory are natural outgrowth of a consistent yoga practice. This practice should include asana, pranayama and meditation.

  • sachin patil

    sir tratak really helpful for depression or not?
    or doing tratak person totally relieved from mental stress or not??

    • Dear Sachin,
      Trataka is a great practice to cleanse the eyes, and calm the mind and the nerves. Practicing trataka along with other asana and pranayama practices will help you with depression. To get full relief from stress, you need to practice all the eight limbs of yoga for a long time. Just the practice of trataka alone may not give the result that you are looking for.

  • himanshu

    sadar pranam sir
    i m himanshu i want to know the metod of doing tratak by crystal ball in the candle light reflection on it.waiting for ur valuable advise

    • Hi Himanshu,
      I have never practiced trataka with a crystal ball; so, unfortunately, I am not in a position to give any guidance related to this technique. Hopefully someone else in this group may be able to provide some information.

  • himanshu

    ok thank u sir

  • Mari

    Hello Subhash,

    I have just started doing Trataka. I have two questions:
    1) If I relax my eyes, I start seeing two candle flames. The more I relax the farther the two images go from each other. Should I let my eye seeing two images, or should I bring the images back together? (I have no problem putting them back.)
    2) After about 10 min my left eye starts tearing, but the right one stays dry. How can I make my other eye to tear? I believe that tears are what cleanses the eyes. My “dry” eye always accumulates a little mucus in the corner, and I hope to clean it with Trataka.

    Thank you!

    • Hello Mari,
      Seeing two candle flames is quite common. When that happens, gently bring the flame back to focus and make it one. As for one eye staying dry, I think it is a matter of practice before you will be able to achieve a balance between the two eyes. The pranayama practice of Anuloma Viloma (Naadi Shuddhi) is one of the techniques recommended for creating a balance among all imbalances in life, at all levels. Even when one of the eyes begins to water you should close the eyes and relax. Avoid the urge to wait until the other eye also begins to water. That can strain the eye that is already watering.

  • hello and namaste. well I read about tratak in book(practical hypnotism ) written by srimali dutt narayan and he wrote that people shouldn’t do tratak with weak eyes. you also write in your article about diet as practioner must refrain from any drug ,intoxicant,tobacco etc. I hope it would help you. well I’m a practitioner of meditation ,doing research on paranormal ,occult at age of 14 and now I’m 18. I just learn that knowledge must be share with all human so I do. I hope you don’t mind sir.

    • Thanks, Mukul, for sharing your information. As you can see, teachers can differ in their opinion. It is up to the practitioner as to which teacher to follow closely. It is really impressive that at this young age of 18, you are already studying paranormal and occult. Wish you all the best.

  • namaste guruji, well I’m agree with you about teacher is differ. my pleasure and its my duty to help peoples. I wanna be psychiatrist so I can help more people :). I want to ask you have interest in occult or esoteric knowledge if yes then I really would like to be your student. I haven’t teacher i taught myself. but I heard from many people that mukul on what way you are going it is dangerous and you must have a teacher. I want your guidance in my spiritual journey if you can’t that’s ok :). nice to meet you

    and answer of your(someone ask about astral project) so well tratak would help indirectly like tratak would increase your concentration ,visualization skill ,make your mind still without thought or you can say in void ,
    as I have been and still learning astral projection. and its need a full concentration ,a good visualization skill ,mind without thought. good luck for your travelling to spirit realms.

    and guru Ji thanks to you for blessing me

    • Hello Mukul,
      Unfortunately, I have no interest or knowledge about occult sciences. I am a student of Patanjali and am learning more about the philosophy of life given in the Yoga Sutras. I wish you all the best in finding a suitable guru who can guide you in the areas of your interest.

  • priya

    Hi sir. This blog helped in clearing a lot of doubts. But I have 2 questions.
    I have short-sightedness in my right eye (-1) and -0.25 in left. When I do it normally, my left eye starts watering before my right eye does. What does this mean? Does it mean that my right eye is stronger than the left one?

    Also since trataka is supposedly good for weak eyes I did a round with my left eye closed and I feel a little strain in my right eye now. Can we do trataka with 1 eye closed?

    • Hello Priya,
      In general, the weaker eye will begin to water first. You should close the eyes when that happens and begin the internal gaze at the after image. As far as I know, it is recommended that you practice trataka with both eyes open always. When done with both eyes, it is possible that it will help create a balance between the two eyes.

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